Terms and Conditions of Marketer Magnet

The following are the Terms and Conditions for utilization of https://www.marketermagnet.com/

Kindly read these cautiously. IF you need to get in touch with us in regards to any part of the accompanying terms of utilization of our site, reach us at oshane@marketermagnet.com

By accessing the content of https://www.marketermagnet.com/ you consent to the agreements set out thus and furthermore acknowledge our security strategy. If you don't consent to any of the agreements you ought not to use the site and should leave right away.

You agree that you will not utilize the site for any illicit purposes and that you will respect every pertinent law and guideline.

You're in agreement not to utilize Marketer Magnet! site in a manner that might disable the performance, ruin or control the substance or data accessible on the site or decrease the general functionality of the site.

You agree to avoid compromising the security of the site or endeavor to access secure areas of the site or endeavor to get to any sensitive data.

You consent to be completely responsible for any case, cost, misfortunes, obligation, costs including legitimate expenses caused by us emerging from any encroachment of the agreements in this arrangement and to which you will have agreed if you continually use our site.

The multiplication, dispersion in any technique whether on the web or offline is strictly prohibited. The work on the site and the pictures, logos, text, and other such data is the property of https://www.marketermagnet.com/ unless otherwise stated.


However, we attempt to be completely accurate in the data that is introduced on our webpage and strive to keep up with the latest information as possible, sometimes, a portion of the data you find on the site might be slightly outdated.

Marketer Magnet maintains all authority to make any changes or corrections to the data you find on the site anytime without notice.

Changes subject to the Terms and Conditions of Utilization

We claim all authority to make changes and to revise the previously mentioned Terms and Conditions of use.

Last Revised: 09-09-2021


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